All our carnival motifs are manufactured at our factory under ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System in compliance to EC safety standards.

They are fastened in aluminium frame or bars and are available with all the necessary hanging and fastening equipment, ready for quick and safe installation.

Its structure is made of special Aluminium profiles which have been designed so that Rope Light or Belt Light are firmly adjusted on it and prevent them from twisting.

The materials we use in producing them, are customised and imported by us from the World’s biggest factories meeting the highest quality and safety standards.

Decorative materials, such as non flammable Carpet, Christmas balls e.t.c., may be added according to the design and upon request. The big displays are divided in pieces. Colours also may be changed upon request. Colours are indicative. 

They are provided  with 3 years warranty and Continuous technical sup­port

A leaflet with installation instructions and photos is available for all products.

 All our products are CE marked and approved for indoor and  outdoor use in compliance to the following EU Directives :

To ensure the conformity of our products to the EC Quality Standards we run the following  certified Management Systems :

  • ISO-9001:2015
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • ISO 45001:2018

Technical Data

  • Voltage: 230 ,24 VOLT
  • IP65-67.
  • IP 66 case with earth fixation system and output wire VDE (H05RN-F) 
  • (HO5RNH2-F) 2x1,5mm2.
  • 3 years warranty and Continuous technical sup­port.

You can find all our carnival motifs in our Catalogue «Carnival - Easter 2021-2023» (click here)


  • 3.Ε10-86.Α
  • Ε02-56.Α
  • Ε02-59.Α
  • 2.E02-513.A
  • 2.E12-64.A
  • 2.Ε12-520.Α
  • 2.E02-512.A